Friday, January 05, 2007

Sydney - Day 4

A relatively painless end to the Ashes. Play was over and done with by lunchtime. Pieterson couldn't be botherd and was out 3rd ball, Monty followed soon after having been run out with a direct hit to the stumps by Symonds, then it was short work of the rest, Read, Mahmood, and Harmison who did have a bit of a go at least.

Australia needed 46. Langer came on through an English fielding side column of honour which was a nice sporting touch. His retirement has tended to be overshadowed by the two giants, Warne and McGrath, the team will miss his strong opening bat. Unfortunately it wasn't his day to get the final run required to win the Series 5-0. Hayden hit a six which meant that he was left at the receiving end for the final run.

Then it was all over. History having been made. There was a shot of Langer on the big screen looking very emotional but he pulled himself together for a lovely interview which bought a tear to the eye of even the most hardened Aussie spectator. McGrath went and got his children and Warne and Langer collected theirs, after interviews they sat on the grass, surrounded by their children, looking for all the world as though they were enjoying a day out at the park and a picnic.

We slipped away and headed for Sydney Fish Market where the motto is 'The catch of the day, every day' - sort of appropriate for a cricketing day. I had a dozen oysters with lemon juice squeezed on them - there are benefits to a New Years diet afterall!


PMM&L said...

I've only just got into Mussels! Oysters still look like snot to me!
Hope you enjoyed them! Glad you've enjoyed the Cricket experience, shame about the result, but at least you have been part of history in the making! :-) x

axx said...

I love oysters, but they can be an acquired taste - lots can't take the cold slimey feel of the things as they slip down.

Yes any live event has got to be better than watching on tv - although at times the views might not be so up close you do get a full on atmosphere etc. It was good to be part of an historic event - so many records broken, three retirements etc etc. Great stuff!