Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sydney - Day 3

England took a couple of early wickets and we got all excited but then Warnie came in and wagged the Australian tail. His first three strokes were one six and two fours - he and Gilchrist got quick fire 50's and Warnie went on to gain the highest score of the innings, in what was probably his last Test innings.

England got off to a bad start with Cook going early trying to hook the ball, then Strauss was poleaxed by a rising bumper from Lee - he later went to hospital for a scan. Then we did the usual collapse and were 114 for 5 at close of play, just 12 runs ahead, with Flintoff out and Pieterson batting with Monty.

I am trying to decide if I want to go tomorrow. Do I really want to watch another debacle? To be in at the kill? I suppose the right thing to do is to stand shoulder to shoulder and suffer along with all the other English fans. The old chap, after some post dinner deliberation has announced he is going to brave it.

It would be a lot less painful to go and get my hair cut, but could I just sit there under the dryer while balls were being bowled and wickets were flying after following the team around like an old groupie since November? Somehow I doubt it!

So we'll be making our way along to the SCG once again tomorrow morning to watch the first 5-0 whitewash since the 1920s. We still wouldn't have missed any of it for the world!

Oh ... and by the way Priscilla was absolutely fabulous. Better than the film, very clever and witty, fantastic costumes and sets and of course great songs.

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