Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sydney Festival 2007

Sydney Festival 2007 dawned yesterday with a dreamy symphony in the sky above western Sydney.Seven hot-air balloons wired for sound lifted off from Parramatta at sunrise, serenading thousands of sleepy residents.

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The Festival runs through all of January, we have tickets to go and see The Stomp Company who are presenting their brand-new production, Lost and Found Orchestra, in the Opera House itself. We are also hoping to catch some open air cinema, the screen rises out of the Harbour apparently.

The new James Bond, Casino Royale, is an outdoor sell-out, so we went to see it at the normal indoor flicks last night, it was great - Daniel Craig hits the spot for me! We crossed Darling Habour and went into the city centre by monorail, coming back in the dark we felt like Peter Pan flying through the night in between buildings, through the twinkly lights - a bit like the ride at Disneyland Paris! Lovely.


PMM&L said...

The Balloons sound lovely. Sydney is spoilt!
I think I may have seen The Stomp at the Edinburgh Festival. That will be fantastic.
Funny you mention Peter Pan, we are going to see it "on ice" in a few weeks. Looking forward to it. x

axx said...

Nothing can take the place of Edinburgh Festival I'm sure.

I have to say I'm excited about going to a performance in the actual Opera House, its such a world icon.

Peter Pan on ice sounds fab. Bit different from the usual Christmas holiday pantomine stuff. xx