Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hume Highway

Driving along in our automobile ..... traaaa laaa la la laaaa la. Quickly clear of
Albury the Hume Highway cuts through arid land, so parched you wonder if it will ever recover when the rains do come.

At Holbrook we screeched to a halt not believing our eyes. In the middle of this semi-desert, surrounded by a sea of green grass is a submarine. Yep, a full size HMAS Otway type of submarine. No, we've not been on the wacky backy or sung We All Live in a Yellow Submarine too many times. It really was there and it is a memorial to an Englishman, Commander Holbrook VC after whom the town of Holbrook was renamed from Germanton in 1919.

Well, suitably amazed we move on down the Hume Highway turning off to visit Yass, an historic pastoral town founded in the 1850s only 65 kms from Canberra. Onto the Barton Highway and hey presto here we are in Canberra.

Tonight we are joining the Australia Day celebrations. We're off to Australia Day Live 07 a free show on the lawns of Parliament House .......

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