Monday, January 29, 2007

Canberra Rocks!

Canberra's Australia Day celebrations kicked off with a free show on the lawns of Parliament House. We were there - not amongst the chosen few at the front mind you, we mingled with the VIPs at the back!

Taking part in the 'Australia Day Live 07' which went out on National TV were past and present winners of Pop Idol. The Irishman Damien who won this year is Irish no longer as he took his Australian Citizenship Pledge in front of Prime Minister John Howard. The entire cast of Priscilla performed in an amazing number of their stunning outfits, including the divine cupcakes and the fabulous opera house dress that features in their stage show finalé. The hug me man from You Tube with the band that provided the sound track were there along with loads of others and a general love is was had by all. There were about 35,000 people there, far less than the 100,000 or so Sydneysiders for Jazz in the Domaine. I suppose it felt more genteel, there was no rush, it was easy to park, easy to find a spot to sit and easy listening. As it was live on TV there were pauses for the ad breaks and during the quick stage changes the presenters kept us, the audience, ticking over nicely so we didn't start talking amongst ourselves! We felt very special, privileged to be able to take part in something so Australian.

It was extra special for us as we were able to meet up with Kim whom we had met back at home last September. She is our neighbours niece and is a public servant in Canberra. She is just about to take off for 8 months or so as she has been called up for service with the Territorial Army.

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