Thursday, January 25, 2007

Commercial Club

They didn't do food at our Motel and the Receptionist recommended the Commercial Club in Albury's main street. So off we go to find it. Crumbs it was another world.

It was a huge two storey building with a glitzy entrance opening off to a dance floor with a live band, bar area and 'pokies', row upon row of slot machines with high stools in front of them for players to settle down and find that winning machine. At mezzanine level there was a Café. We followed the stairs inset with twinkly little lights up to the top floor which housed a huge dining area that had a help yourself to all you can eat smorgasbord, a sort of hot and cold buffet,with hot and cold puddings all for the princely sum of $14. It was bustling. No wonder we didn't pass many restaurants in town, who could compete with those sort of prices.

We were really quite restrained with the smorgasbord, we didn't even go back for seconds! I can only put it down to being a bit stunned by it all, so unexpected really. After the meal we thought we would have a go with the machines but we couldn't work out what to do - so we didn't! How feeble is that! I put it down to the hot day travelling! It was certainly different from a walk along the beach strolling through the acres of twinkly lights that try to seduce you to play and part with your money. Fascinating to see another facet of Australian life.

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