Monday, October 23, 2006

Sydney on a Sunday

This is not meant to be a foodie blog but it is in danger of turning out that way! I am perilously close to not being able to fit into my outfit for Nick's party on Tuesday so today I am off to the gym to sweat off all our weekend socialising!

Marigolds, George St., Sydney Sunday Brunch was a Dim Sim at Marigolds in George Street. It is so popular you have to be there by 11.00am or it is difficult to get a table. Trolley loads of goodies are pushed around and you just
choose what you fancy. We had an amazing variety of dumplings, spring rolls, prawn and pork delicacies, accompanied by pots of delicate steaming tea, finished off with a fantastic, melt in your mouth, egg custard tart. Yum.

Afterwards we went shopping along George street calling in at the Victoria Building Centre and David Jones. We got Nick's present. It's a gadget - more of which later ...

Dinner was at China Doll, Woolloomooloo. This is in a very poignant waterside location for it is where the old chap's brother and his family first washed up in Australia. Nick was five then. The £10 poms were landed and sorted in the very converted warehouse we ate in. It was yet another fantastic Asian feast. Great vegetables, the asparagus in a chilli sauce was interesting. Puddings were out of this world, tapioca with passion fruit was my personal favourite. The loos are achingly trendy, all black but blinding colour injected by the pearlised multicoloured mosaic tiled floor. Beautiful.
puddings @ China Doll, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

Part of the wharf has been sympathetically converted into a fantastic hotel, Blue. It is worth popping into just to see the clever avant-garde lighting. Too smart and clever to describe properly here! Go see!

Right! Off to sweat!


Rich said...

Welcome to Sydney!

Glad we finally managed to get the weather right for you by yesterday afternoon.

What, no chickens feet from Marigolds?

PS. Lords? Bah! We're still ahead in the wins department. Until you rectify that the Ashes should live at the SCG. ;)

Sally said...

Thanks for your kind wishes on my blog today!

Glad you enjoyed your yum cha!

PMM&L said...

Mother. Stop with the puddings! You are rivalling lloyd Grossman or some such! I dare anyone not to have a watering mouth from reading this! Sounds brilliant. Looks posh! Bit young for old folks! xx

axx said...

rich - thanks for the welcome. Everyone in Sydney is welcoming, even the taxi drivers who are a really jolly bunch.

Managed to give the chickens feet a miss ..........

Whatever you say England is still the true home of cricket, the Ashes belongs to Lords, so ner, ner, de ner, ner :-)

axx said...

Sally - thanks for dropping by. I see further congratulations are due soon - 1 year of blogging is a milestone too :-)

axx said...

pmm&l - cheeky child! Jealousy will get you nowhere.