Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Breakfast @ bills

Breakfast this morning was at bills in Surry Hills. Bill Granger is a world famous Sydney chef renown for his scrambled eggs and ricotta hotcakes. Such a good way to start the day after a gentle workout at the gym!

Then we went down to Circular Quay and mooched around the Opera House. It is not as open as when we were here last some 12 years ago, they have built some contentious flats that restrict views across to the Opera House. But Sydney Opera House itself is still one of the most iconic buildings in the world.
Sydney Opera House from the Manley Ferry
Sydney Harbour Bridge now offers walks over it and we could see small ant like figures labouring along the ironwork, not for me I'm afraid, I'm sure the view would be good but really not worth the effort! But who knows ...
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Nipped on a ferry over to Manley for a stroll along the beach to Cabbage Tree Bay and back in the sunshine. Lovely clear blue sky but still nippy in the shade. Good sport spotting shapely guys strutting their stuff in trunks emblazoned with 'Manley'.

We had Italian last night ;but with half a dozen oysters to start and no pudding!


PMM&L said...

Beach photo is lovely - but next time could you include a few of the "shapely guys"?!!!
Happy Birthday to Nick. x

axx said...

Lol! Naughty girl! I should do a series on shapely guys perhaps! They don't confine themselves to the beaches here, there were loads in the Botanic Gardens too running in their lunch hour!

saffroncurry house said...

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