Sunday, October 22, 2006


..... is cold!

We arrived early yesterday morning and I've had to dig out my one jumper from the bottom of the suitcase! Last week Sydney was experiencing the hottest ever October temperatures of nearly 40 degrees. Now its slipped back to 18 or so but that is way down on Singapore temperatures and I'm feeling it!

Nick's apartment is in Darling Harbour, its in a converted wool warehouse and has high ceilings, old beams and varnished wood floors. The banner at the top of this blog is the view from his lounge. It's to be our base, the mother ship we return to from our forays around Australia's cricket pitches, for the next few months.

We went to Darlinghurst last night and had a fab Vietnamese meal. It was a BYO place (Bring Your Own wine) which the old chap finds hard to get his head round, but I'm sure we will manage eventually!


PMM&L said...

BYO is cool. It means you can usually eat for pennies, and drink your very favourite vino! View looks amazing. Lucky you! Just a shame about the cricket!!!! Tee hee. This is a great way to see what you're up to. x

axx said...

Some of what we are up to will be heavily censored no doubt - specially the beach shots in my teeny weeny itsy bitsy!! :0)