Saturday, February 05, 2011

On the road

I've been a bit lax on the blogging front the last few days as we have been on the road from Munnar to Kovallam. We broke our journey with another homestay which was delighful. The extremely hospitable Mr and Mrs Jacobs are retired teachers, they taught in far flung places, Ethiopia, northern Nigeria, South Africa during the apartheid era and now they live a quiet life in the house Mr Jacob's grandfather built in the 1930s. We loved the house, high ceilings, wide doorways, marble floors in the bathroom, very peaceful set amidst rubber and pineapple plantations, and paddies. A lovely stop.

Following day - I'm losing track now, think it was Thursday we reached Kovallam to be met by Hallin on his Royal Enfield motorbike, he escorted us to the house we have here for two weeks. There is no road to the house which is reached by a 'walking path' only so Hallin and our driver Joseph hoisted our suitcases on their shoulders and brought them in - along with the huge shop we had done to stock ourselves up. The house is owned by a lady in Maidstone, it is about 3 years old and its lovely. 3 en suite bedrooms which are air conditioned, an open plan downstairs where I have my internet connection and a fabulous roof terrace complete with loungers, dining table and chairs and a shower and loo. It has a really well equipped kitchen, I actually cooked a simple supper last night - dahl, rice and veg followed by pineapple.

Tom and Mu, old university friends of the old chap arrived yesterday, they are here for a short while. There is a lot of news to catch up and the bottle of Honey Bee Brandy comes out - similar to Tia Maria - it slips down well! We plan various trips so eventually I'll be able to find something to blog about other than the roof terrace!

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