Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Trip to Trivandrum

Kingfisher House, Kovallam

It has been fun having Mu and Tom to stay but all good things come to an end and they have moved onto their hotel two beaches away near the lighthouse in Kovallam. How did Mu put it? Guests are like fish, good for three days and then they go off. Which in their case is not true at all!

Tom, Mu and Keith

Luckily we still see them. This morning we had a shopping expedition to Trivandrum which is Kerala's capital. We went to buy linen for a jacket for Keith and then to the tailor, on the way we all seemed to accumulate some silk and a couple of saris that I shall use as curtains in the garden room at home, Mu plans to have hers made into outfits.

We had a good poke around the market in the searing heat. Hmmm mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun springs to mind!

We ended up having lunch in the Indian Coffee Shop, a chain of worker co-operative run restaurants. The one we went to was a very strange building designed by a British born Indian architect Laurence Baker. It was a Tower; the kitchen and services are housed in the central core, a ramp spirals up with tables and bench seating on the outer wall. It was very busy but we eventually found a table and had a biriani, popadom, and a pineapple juice each for less than £3 for all of us.

Tomorrow we are all jaunting off to the the very southern tip of India, the Cape of Comorin where three seas meet - the Indian Ocean, The Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Below are some shots of the market which do nothing to convey the heat, smell, noise, colour and general wonderful cacophony !!


Philippa said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous time. Photos are great xx

axx said...

We are having a brilliant time - even though we have just come back from a very long day out to the tip of S India - we forgot to take our torches so the walking path was walked in darkness and when we got in the lecky was down, bit of a fumble around while I got the candles and the beer in the kitchen and Keith got the torches. The beer didn't touch the sides and by the time we were thinking of a second one the electric was back on! Great day though! xx