Saturday, March 07, 2009

Big Buddha

You know its going to be a hot day when the cicadas strike up before 8.0am. And it was a scorcher. We nearly melted as we drove up to the northern tip of the island to visit the Big Buddha.

Pretty Garuda street lights flank the road as we near the entrance. Planes fly low overhead on their landing flightpath, reminding us of our arrival on Koh Samui nearly a month ago.

Even the monks and 12 meter high Buddha were making concessions to the heat today - 'hot floor' the sign at the foot of the stairs read, 'can use your shoes on steps'. So we did.


PMM&L said...

Crikey! I think I might send you some thermals in the post for when you get back!! lol We had some snow again!

axx said...

Lol! I'll warm my thermals up in front of the fire! Its going to be at least a 30 degree temperature difference - I think we'll find it cold!

axx said...

Oh yes, forgot to say - the pick up Derek has kindly lent us is wonderful but has no a/c. Open windows are usually fine but it was a bit like being in front of a hot hair dryer on this particular occasion!