Sunday, March 08, 2009

Am and Noom's Wedding

We were thrilled to be asked to Am and Noom's wedding. Am is the beautiful young owner of our favourite beachside spot, the Am Samui Resort. We go there as often as we can, it has a great beach overlooking a cluster of offshore islands, a fabulous pool, good coffee and a lovely varied menu for lunch.

We dug out our glad rags and headed for the party. What a fantastic night. There were nearly 1,500 people there, all seated and enjoying a sumptuous banquet - the plates of food kept coming, noodles and prawns, amazing succulent duck that fell apart it was so tender, seafood soup, rice, so many different dishes it is difficult to remember them all, suffice it to say they were all delicious.

Buckets of ice arrived at regular intervals and soft drinks were kept well topped up. When we arrive there was a bottle of very fine Thai Brandy on the table which we all managed to make a decent dent in as we watched the dancers and singers on the stage set by the waters edge.

Later there were lucky floating lanterns. These were rather like miniature hot air balloons. You light a wick at the bottom and wait for the tissue paper structure to fill up with hot air and take off, up, up and away. I was asked to set off one of the nine; nine because that is a lucky Thai number. Everyone wished them good luck as they floated off into the night sky.


PMM&L said...

Wow. Thats sounds amazing.

axx said...

It was amazing. A lovely experience, very special.