Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tim Campbell

Remember way back last October when we met all the stars at Nicks fabulous party in Sydney? One of them was gorgeous hunk Tim Campbell who as well as his usual day job in Home and Away is now strutting his stuff most beautifully on Dancing With the Stars. He was third this week, we're keeping our fingers crossed for him....

Talented Home and Away actor Tim Campbell and his partner Natalie Ryan produced a sophisticated and even Foxtrot with a unique play on the paparazzi to begin their routine. The studio audience and judges lapped up the couple's emotive and humorous performance.Scores: Todd 8 Helen 9 Paul 8 Mark 9 = 34

Episode 3 - Dancing with the Stars

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PMM&L said...

Bet he's not as good as Keiran Bracken is in Dancing on Ice over here. What an entertainer!

axx said...

Aren't these multi talented stars amazing.

Just remind me what is Keiran Bracken in (apart form Dancing on Ice of course1)

I was going to say its been a long time since we watched English TV but that is not strictly true as we have been laughing away at really early episodes of The Good Life which have been on out here.

PMM&L said...

Keiran is a Rugby player. Looks great in lycra!!!! Penelope Keith cracks me up in the Good Life - she's everso funny!

axx said...

Rugby players in Lycra - hmmm!

Penelope Keith's clothes are fantastic too. Its still a very funny show.