Thursday, October 26, 2006

Birthday Bash

Nick's birthday bash was on Tuesday night in the Astral Bar at Star City high on the 17th floor with panoramic views of the bright lights of Sydney including the Harbour Bridge. Fantastic.

All the beautiful people were there including singer John Rowe taking time out from Australian Idol and Home and Away star Tim Campbell who plays Dan Baker.
John Rowe and Tim Campbell

Marcia Hines belted out some numbers from her new album Discothéque. She strutted her stuff along with her dancers and was truly fabulous. Nick wanted her at his party as as a family they had grown up listening to her.
Marcia Hines

She was follwed by a stunning collection of Sydney Drag Queens. Their make up was flawless, figures perfect, and outfits divine.

The champagne flowed, it was a memorable night .....


pmm&l said...

hey it sounds like fun. Your recorded message was brilliant this morning. just opened card which I will show L tomorrow. Busy day - school halloween disco! thanks - speak to you over the weekend. x

Rich said...

Hey, hanging with the A crowd at Star City... Looks like it would have been a fun night, well, except for the Star City part. Never really took to that place.

Where were the Divine ladies of Drag from? If you like a drag show you should go to the Imperial Hotel (aka Pub from Priscilla Queen of the Desert) in Erskinville.

Rock on Axx!

axx said...

rich - It was a fantastic night. Everyone had such a good time.

There were 3 Divine ladies. I think one was a Milly someone, but I can't remember as I was too busy whistling! If I remember I'll ask Nick when I see him next and let you know.

I took film on my camera, its an AVI Video format, but Blogger wouldn't play with it:-( They all came out in tight pink - beautiful bodies, you couldn't see any boy type bumps at all and they had clevages! They had big spikey blonde hair and played their air guitars - which were blow ups !!

Then they all did solo spots in different outfits, lots of quick changes, super.

I think we are going to Priscilla, the musical sometime, when we are back in Sydney. The Pub sounds a good idea too - thanks.

axx said...

pmm&l - glad you liked our singing!