Sunday, October 15, 2006

Off We Go!

It may only stand four inches tall, but the Ashes urn was given VIP treatment with a first-class seat and security guards as it embarked on its journey to Australia.

BBC SPORT | Cricket | Ashes urn heads to Australia

We are not far behind! We leave for Singapore in the middle of the week.

For years we have been saying when we retire we'll be able to watch cricket all winter. Finally that time is here! We are off to watch The Ashes tour. It's really quite surreal and a little scary. As soon as we settle into our Business Class seats (that are going to spoil us for any other travel) we'll be fine.

The old chap was given a very generous leaving pressie when he was finally released from the daily grind called 'Work' and as we are travelling to the other end of the earth we thought we may as well try and achieve a modicum of comfort while doing so - hence this luxurious fling called Business Class! I'll let you know if it's worth it!

Elderly parents are a bit of a worry, but they are fit and gadding around so why shouldn't we! Our 5 grandchildren are going to have changed the most by the time we are home - they do grow so!

Our various goodbyes run along the lines of

'Look after yourself',
'Have a Happy Christmas'
'We'll see you at Easter time.'

Weird or what!


Rich said...

It's about time you lot sent the Ashes back to their rightful home ;)

Have a great trip!

PS. the business class thing is totally worth it. It's the difference between getting off the flight and feeling tired and getting off the flight and being bombed for 3 days.

PMM&L said...

PMM&L - have a brilliant time. We'll read about your progress.

axx said...

rich - the Ashes live at Lords, where they properly belong, all the time!!

I've written a long posting about being massaged by my Skybed all the way to Singapore but the hotel connection went down and I wasn't prepared to sit on a phone to their IT dept. all day while on holiday! It will wait till we get to Sydney. Business class is fab, I love the lounges, the perks and being fast tracked. Still didn't manage to sleep much though!

axx said...

pmm&l - brilliant, well done you for finding your way here :0)

I'm sitting in the BA Business Lounge in Singapore airport catching up with stuff (and a stiff G&T or two). I'll post fully when we have more time in Sydney.

We've had a lovely busy time in Singapore, its an amazing place, very manicured, not a blade of grass out of place!