Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Last larrikin

Mark Latham former leader of the Labor Party in Australia has written a book in which he laments the extinction of the traditional Australian male. Out goes the old style and in comes the new ....

Old style:

Paul Hogan Actor who went to New York and stunned the locals - especially his leading lady, who married him after they made the film Crocodile Dundee

Bob Hawke Former Labor Prime Minister, broke Oxford beer drinking record and, beer in hand, ordered national holiday when Australia won the America's Cup

Shane Warne Cricketer, who smokes, drinks and according to biography, may have bedded 1,000 women

New style

Hugh Jackman Actor who made his name on the New York stage playing Peter Allen, a gay Australian showman

Ian Thorpe Swimmer, who shatters world records, models underpants and wears Armani. Is said now to have a girlfriend

Keith Urban Country and western singer. He is a cowboy who streaks his hair, sings of broken love, beat drugs, and married Nicole Kidman.

Hooray for the voice of reason .....
Professor Catherine Lumby, a Sydney feminist academic who has conducted a long study of the male culture inside rugby league, dismissed Mr Latham’s conclusions about the decline of the male culture. “That’s a total load of toss,” she said.

Last larrikin laments death of the real blokes - World - Times Online


Rich said...

Obviously Mark hasn't been out of a major city in a while... or to Queensland!

Don't forget, this is the same guy who had to have psychiatric care after he lost the election.

PS. the rumours of Thorpee having a girlfriend were created to dispell the gay rumours.

axx said...

Lol :-))

Today The Telegraph has a page devoted to further examination of the subject The demise of the Aussie bloke (lovely piccie of Paul Hogan)- this article is by Phillip Knightley author of 'Australia: a Biography of a Nation' He appears to put the demise of ocker values onto anti-discrimination in the workplace legislation and maintains that the sheilas are confused and no longer know their place! What a load of cobblers!

I love this cranking up of sporting tension in the run up to the Ashes! It has started a tad earlier than usual!

Rich said...

I think the demise of Ocker values is because we saw Hoges in that Crocodile movie and realised how stupid it sounded. It does leave me wondering how many Sheilas have divorced this Phillip Knightley fellow.

I'm not sure what you mean about 'sporting tension'. Beating the Poms at cricket is quite relaxing actually.

Oh, and if you're interested in bushwalks when you're in Sydney, the book to get is 'A day in the Bush - Bushwalks in and around Sydney' by Les Higgins and Tony Rodd. It has over 20 walks, from easy to hard, you can do in a single day from train stations.

axx said...

Thanks so much for the bushwalks book info. I'll track it down, it sounds like a good thing to do.