Sunday, October 29, 2006

No flies on me .....

Urrgghh! I'm determined not to turn into a Whinging Pom but really! The damn flies! They are a nightmare and that's a fact!

According to a short film on smh they will only be around for the next 6 weeks. That is 6 weeks too long as far as I'm concerned!

To counteract the swarms of flies that find us an instant attraction as soon as we step outside we are stripping the local vegetation, as we find that small branches act as ready made fly switches and are the best thing to fight the marauding hoards.

The switch on the left of the picture is a bit too harsh when it hits bare skin, but it is effective against the flies! They scarper pretty damn quick! My favourite is soft broad leaves similar to those on your right, they are much easier on your arms, back, head and face.

No wonder Aussies are world famous for their hats with corks. I shall save my corks from the unlabelled bottles of nectar called skin-frees, or skinless, or something along those lines. These are being offloaded by the wine producers as there is a glut of red wine. It's a bit of a gamble as to what you get but oh joy, it is something to mitigate against them darn flies!


PMM&L said...

Thats revolting! Buy some repellent. Yuk! I'll stick to the midges thanx!

axx said...

Hardley a fly in sight today, they must have buzzed off!! Fingers crossed.

Rich said...

No, even we whinge about the flies!

axx said...

rich - thank goodness for that. A good whinge always makes me feel better!

But if its about flies I'll have to whinge with my mouth shut. Hummmm!