Wednesday, December 05, 2012

here we go again

Christmas is fast approaching, ours will be quiet, followed by a full house for New Year and then in mid January we are off again.

We loved our last trip to India so much that we are going to continue our exploration of a tiny bit of the west coast veering off inland occasionally. We are going for six weeks and this time we fly into Mumbai, spend some time in Goa before working our way South through Karnataka to Northern Kerala and back again.

Thats the plan.

It looks like my blog is still functioning, although there was a warning message about my e-mail account associated with it, hopefully I'll be able to continue to access it. I'll keep notes on our doings here and post piccies of what we are up to on our way around.

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axx said...

the time isn't right. Its not english time, maybe its stuck on Keralian time - I'll check it out sometime!