Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trivandrum Palace and Temple

Our last trip to Trivandrum was yesterday to collect Keith's jacket and to visit the palace and look at the temple.

Unfortunately we are going to miss an enormous festival which has got in the Guinness Book of Records I think for over 1,000,000 women cooking rice puddings. We could see the cooking pots all round the town and in the next day or two women will take their positions by the roadside to make sure they get a good spot for their cooking.

We couldn't go in Padmanabhaswamy temple, which is for Hindus only and covers more than 7 acres. We could look at the outside though which is being renovated and will be spectacular when they have finished washing the stone work.

We did look round the palace which is a couple of hundred years old and is where the Royal Family moved to from the large ancient palace we looked around on our way to Cape Coromin. You could see why they moved, it has larger rooms, less tortuous steps and is generally more accessible. This palace is still owned by the Royal Family, the present King who is a figurehead only now with no power is in his 80s., he still visits the adjacent temple everyday early in the morning.

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