Monday, February 14, 2011

Henna Hand

We passed Majitha's house yesterday while walking to the beach and met her daughter Surumi and grandson Asif. Majitha waters the plants twice a day at our house. Amongst the palms on the roof terrace she also grows peppers in a pot - they are delicious just the right temperature, not too fiery but with a little poke!

Surumi does henna and came to paint my hand that evening. When I asked her how she learnt to do this she said off the internet!

The henna comes ready mixed in a little packet which cost about 10Rs - about 14p. She snipped the end off which made it into a little piping bag and away she went. She started with the flower opposite my thumb and worked her way down and across finishing with my little finger.

I had to leave the henna paste on for two hours then pick it off and rub in a couple of drops of coconut oil - I used olive oil.

She said it would be darker in the morning, which it was, and that it would last a week and a half.

I love it!


Philippa said...

Wow! Thats groovy!!! Ask her to do one on your shoulder or foot too!!! lol xx

axx said...

Now there's an idea! :-)

Surumi said...

Hi. this is Surumi. who does the henna..
please a request.
just delete our group family photo from this post...others not a problem..
delete only our family photo (me, mom and ashif)

Surumi said...

and delete my comments too