Friday, January 21, 2011

Puttu and Alleppey

I've started to work my way through the Keralan breakfast menu. This morning it was Puttu which is a steamed rice cake. What I hadn't cottoned onto was that it was served with milk, which I sloshed into my coffee; honey, which Keith had on his toast; but the banana and papadum did go nicely with it! I thought at the time it was lovely and light and fluffy but a little dry! A bit like having your cereals with no milk in fact! Better luck tomorrow.

Today we went into Alleppey which is not far but it took an age as the single track coastal railway crossing barriers were down and seemed to be stuck down. Eventually they were manhandled up and we were able to start our organising day - Keith got his glasses fixed, the screw had come out of the arm, we went to an ATM and then we went to a book a houseboat trip which involved inspecting the boats first! It looks lovely so we are committed to three days afloat on Kerala's backwaters after we leave here.

We sent a long time in the cool pool when we got back!

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