Monday, January 03, 2011

Off again

I've finally remembered my password which enables me to tinker around with this blog. Hooray! We are off to warmer climes again soon. Hooray!

Its a bit late to escape the entire chilly blast of winter though as we have just experienced the coldest December since 1890. It was an icy reminder of the long, cold, snowy winter we endured last year, the one year we didn't travel since Keith retired.

So its off to sunny Kerala on the southwestern tip of India. It is a long narrow region, a ribbon of palm-fringed beaches lapped by the Arabian Sea while in the east the boundaries are the highlands of the Western Ghats which rise to 5,000 feet. Known as 'God's own country', immortalized by Arundhati Roy in God of Small Things, it was where The East India Company founded its first settlement in 1684. Today over 30 million people live there and it is one of the most densely populated States of India. It will be our home for seven weeks.

I've renamed this blog, a generic travel term ...... hmmmm.


PM&L said...

Bet you can't wait. Not long now! x

axx said...

I'll be glad when I'm packed, then I'll be glad again when I'm sitting on the plane! Maybe then I'll be able to relax a bit :-)