Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I thought I had taken some movie of the musicians last night but apparently not! The guy on the right is playing a tabla, the guy in the middle is playing a flat box like stringed instrument that is plucked, when I asked the waiter what it was he said it was a bul bul (no idea about the spelling)and rare in Kerala. Whatever it sounded beautiful and the whole evening under the stars was magical.

Today we've got a few provisions in for our next stop which is self catering on the beach. We also got a couple of the right adapter plugs now so we wont have to steal the one the hotel kindly lent us! We've sent a few postcards - even went to the Post Office for the stamps because they are cheaper!

Fort Cochin has been a really fabulous gentle introduction to India, we could not have had better. Hotel is out of this world, here is the view to our bedroom - you can just spot the old chap sitting outside. All the four windows on the ground floor are ours, bathroom, study/dressing area and then the two big windows in the bedroom. The lotus flowers in the pool are out in the morning and have finished by lunchtime, very Indian meditation sort of thing!

Well there is packing to do before the dressing drinks!

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Philippa said...

Sounds like paradise - how lovely xx