Sunday, January 23, 2011

Apam & the Renaissance

Apam was the most delicious start to the day, it was a pretty pancake, thick at the bottom with filigree scalloped sides rather like a decorative doily. It came with a vegetable korma which was a milky mix of carrots, beans, sultanas, cashews, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and goodness knows what else but it worked for me!

Although we are in the Muslim fisherman's area of the coast we were treated to a long Christian service from a nearby church this morning which Keith informs me started at 6.00 am and went on till around midday. It was broadcast throughout the area on loud speakers. The Lords Prayer is very poetic in Malayalam, the local language of Kerala - which is a palindrome by the way, MalayalaM that is!

I tried to make a start on my Open University course today, its a bit incongruous sitting in a tropical garden trying to get to grips with the Renaissance which was all happening around the time Vasco da Gama was visiting these shores for the first time. While I was hard at it Keith was filling in the gaps in our itinerary, towards the end of our trip we are now visiting Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and staying in a heritage hotel at Alleppey, whose previous guests include Gandhi and Nehru.

Lovely walk along the beach this evening - no dang photos though as I had the camera on the wrong setting and they are all incredibly grainy! You'll just have to imagine the fishermen, the empty silver sands, coconut trees, sunset and so on! I'll try to do better tomorrow!

There are bikes everywhere, I'm starting a spot the bike slot!

PS the wine last night was just the job, no hangover and it was exceedingly quaffable!


Gerry said...

Oh the joys of retirement,time to enjoy these special places.


axx said...

Great aint it :-))

Philippa said...

The sounds revolting!! lol Bacon and eggs anytime!!
Glad you tracked down some vino!! x