Monday, February 02, 2009


After our visit to the Doi Suthep temple we went higher up the mountain to Bhubing Palace, a royal winter residence built in 1961. The Palace and Royal Guesthouse are not open to the public but the wonderful gardens are and we spent a fabulous scent filled hour or so strolling past rose gardens and colourful flower beds. We climbed more steps past a rushing stream and through a fernery to the centre of the garden where the water reservoir for the palace has a lovely set of fountains called The Fountain of Celestial Water of People.

It was cooler up here, it could have been a warm English summers day.

We carried on walking in the evening when we visited a weekend craft market in what is called a walking street because they close it to traffic for the occasion. It was very popular and after a while we gave up looking at the stalls and found a bar to perch in and sip our cokes (yes really!) while we people watched. A lovely end to another lovely day.

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PMM&L said...

Ooh. That sounds lovely. Its choas here! Worst snow down south for nearly 20 years or so! We only have a couple of inches, but more expected over night.
Enjoy the sunshine!! x