Saturday, February 14, 2009

Koh Samui intro ...

We think Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand is about the same size as the Isle of Wight. Our friend Derek's house is in the as yet undeveloped south east of the island, its a beautiful spot set amongst coconut trees in a lovely garden stuffed full of orchids and other exotic blooms. He's built the house to his own design and its gorgeous. He's lived here with his partner Tao, who is the best Thai cook on the island, for around four years and now the house is up for sale as he has another plot of land he wants to build on.

We are guarded by 2 endearing shaggy dogs who loll around half asleep until someone walks by and then all hell breaks loose. No intruders here! In the late afternoon they cool off in the pool in between bouts of racing round the garden like lunatics. Tradition has it their particular breed, the Bangkaew, is the result of a monastery dog mating with a jackal. Derek's are pedigrees and they have a number tattooed in the their ear.

Derek gives us a couple of days induction to island life and then the keys to his old pick up and we're off. The plan is to visit a different beach every day. This works fine for the first day and we have a fabulous time at Buddy's near the Fisherman's Village at Lamai. We have the choice between sea and infinity pool, sand or deck. I'm afraid I overdid it a bit, my sun cream washed off and I turned pink.

The following day we decided to spend out of the sun so we went to Tesco! Its huge and incorporates home and wear sections. It caters for the local cuisine with big mounds of curry and chili pastes, made in house, which are popular time savers. The many varieties of rice are amazing and come in all colours, cooking oils are sold in all sizes up to huge catering oil drums. Fascinating, I can't remember when I enjoyed a trip to Tesco quite so much!

We had our first and last foray into island night life! It was absolutely fascinating. Pretty Thai girls really do line the streets and try and entice you into their bar with promises of cheap drink laced with sexual innuendo. They were on a loser with us as we were headed to the 21st Birthday party of the main island attraction, the Reggae Pub, which was a massive disco with a well known Thai band from Phuket performing. Apparently they have an anniversary party every year but this one was by far the biggest Derek has seen and he has been to them all. We fell into bed at 5.00am. I'm getting too old for this!

Valentines Day is big here, we spot a roadside stall stocked up with hearts and flowers. I guess I'll have to do something .....

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