Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ko Pha Ngan

We went with Sue, Pat and Na to the full moon party island, Ko Pha Ngan, half an hour off the coast of Koh Samui. It wasn't full moon luckily or the island would have been heaving with the youth of Europe and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

We were visiting Sarah and Kevin already ensconced at the Coco Beach. Sarah had described their accommodation as v.v. basic, which about fits the bill. They had what I can only describe as a small garden shed with a veranda, cooled by the ocean breeze, natures own air conditioning. A quaint bucket and chuck it system completed their en suite facilities. Coco Beach did have nice superior accommodation but not enough so we could all be together so we decided to look further on down the beach and came to rest at the Pink Hippo - which had a swimming pool. It was named by the previous owners after the only gay club in Swansea apparently but we liked to think that the Padi divers in the pool were seeing pink hippos instead of pink elephants - they certainly did when I floated over them ....

We had a lovely relaxing time. Lots of chit chat by the pool, a bit of reading, and walks along the beach were followed in the evening by a huge shared Greek meal and capped off with a karaoke session - our first and last! We cleared the bar, the street, the town! The English repertoire was limited but we belted out Hotel California and other golden oldies!

You just have to do these things when on holiday!

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