Saturday, February 28, 2009


Derek is a man of many talents. He bakes all his own bread which could wipe the board at Womens Institute baking competitions in the UK, it is delicious and is firing Keith with enthusiasm to do the same when we get home, he has been taking careful notes!

Everyday when we set off on our beach exploration we have been leaving Derk decorating. He's to be found up a ladder painting the outside of his house, its looking very spick and span.

If you look at the photo below you will see that some of the rubber trees behind the house are turning brown, its not autumn here but the trees shed their leaves when it starts to get hot as a way of saving water. It is hot now, every day is over 30 degrees and even the locals say its hot!

Another attribute to add to Derek's repertoire has to be that of a snakecatcher. He was really nimble going after this big fella, who must have been more than 6' when wriggling around. It was the biggest cobra they have had in the garden.

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