Thursday, January 29, 2009

We've moved!

We've moved up to Chiang Mai. We did think about travelling by train but its over 12 hours and we chickened out. Our flight on Bangkok Airways was and hour and a bit, we had no early start and were installed in our apartment in Chiang Mai by mid afternoon. We are having a bash at self catering, our rooms are fab they has everything we need. In the kitchen there are 2 cooking rings and a fridge, there is a microwave too but I don't think we'll get round to using that. We made ourselves at home by unpacking the duty free gin straight away!

Chiang Mai is Thailands second city but it is very different from Bangkok. Much smaller, there is little or no high rise, clear clean air, some traffic but not gridlock and a tangible slower pace of life.

We are in a little lane called a Soi, well we are in a Soi off a Soi so it is a very little lane. Its lovely and quiet we were woken this morning by birds tuning up outside our open balcony door, no air conditioning for us at night here as it is wonderfully cool, about 10-15 at night, but as soon as the sun is up the temperatures rise to about 30.

This morning we had a mooch round Wororot market and stocked up on fruit and veg. It was an amazing place you could get anything there from all types of rice, dried fish, to frogs and pigs heads, luscious ripe red strawberries to the nearly luminous pink dragon fruit which when cut reveal a white flesh studded with tiny black pips. We load our goodies onto a tuk tuk and head home.

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