Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year Celebrations

We didn't have to go to China Town to see New Year celebrations. Our hotel has the best Cantonese Restaurant in Bangkok and the celebrations took place right on our doorstep. The dragons were decorated and fed. They danced, they flew. Gifts were exchanged. Red envelopes with golden coins in, to start the New Year off well, how do I know they were gold? We got some too.

The display was finished off with deafening fire crackers. Lots of smoke and noise, stunning.

Spot the old chap - no he's not the guy in the suit in the front row, that is the hotel Manager with his Directors. Look a little further back to the left. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Later: Oh look! Our favourites, fireworks just for us! Prime view from our balcony; even the traffic stopped on the bridge.


PMM&L said...

Goodness - they must've known you were coming!

axx said...

We love Bangkok :-)