Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hand Luggage!

I can't believe all the 'essential' stuff I am having to take to support my e-habit. I am not a geek by any means but my hand luggage is full of wires.

I always knew those little net detergent bags would come in handy for something, I keep all my camera memory cards in them. The Epson Viewer is back-up storage for photos.

1 laptop
1 laptop mains connector
1 wireless mouse
1 spare battery for mouse (draw the line at taking the recharging unit for ordinary batteries)

1 Canon EOS 400D
1 18-200mm lens
1 60 mm f/2.8 macro usm lens
1 usb lead
4 compact flash cards = 6GB
1 battery charger

1 Canon Ixus 6.5
3 SD cards
1 battery charger

1 Epson Multimedia storage viewer P-3000
mains lead

Sony reader and lead
little battery operated light to clip on it!

Blank CDs cos they are always handy.
Plug adaptors.

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