Saturday, June 09, 2007

Disastrous Storms

We have been following the story of the tanker that has run aground off Newcastle and had checked out the rainfall radar and satellite sections of the weather forecast site. We saw the Warnings posted there forecasting waves at least 5 metres high and so this morning we were very relieved to hear that our old BiL and SiL are fine, surrounded by water which got as far as their garage, but they and all the family on Central Coast are fine.

Its hard to imagine the beautiful Central Coast we visited last October being declared a natural disaster zone.

BiL and SiL report that:

You may have heard in the media of the major cyclonic storms that hit this area friday and overnight into sat am, we are safe and friday afternoon the water was lapping at the top of our garage floor, the roads around our house could not be seen as they were turned into rivers,including the sports ground opposite for those of you who have visited our house. Wind speed of 150km/hr was recorded with gusts higher than that,the noise was just like a large jet plane flying past the house so we had little sleep constantly getting up to check out the house.We were also without power for a lot of the time during yesterday,at least we could make a cuppa with the gas cooking.

Some of the stories coming out of cars being swept away, roads disappearing and so on are horrifying this morning and we are so thankful they are all safe and well.

A FAMILY of four were swept to their deaths in a road collapse last night and an elderly couple was feared lost in a raging torrent as some of the worst storms in 30 years wreaked havoc across NSW.
There are also fears of an environmental catastrophe if a ship that ran aground in Newcastle yesterday breaks up, leaking its 700 tonnes of fuel oil.

Four swept to their deaths - National -

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