Wednesday, April 04, 2007


We're back! We're home! Who said the nice thing about travelling is arriving home? We've been surrounded by 6 months of post for the last few days, trying to catch up. This mass of paper included Christmas cards which was lovely. I really missed getting Christmas cards. I think that is about all I missed though - apart from people of course.

The house is fine, its amazing there is no dust - as we weren't here our skin wasn't falling off presumably and everything is nice and shiny, just how I left it. We are back in time to tame the garden for this year; there is a lot to do ....

Life goes on. I've started spring cleaning, chucking out with a vengeance. Living out of a suitcase for 6 months has shown me we have far too much clutter and rubbish surrounding us!

I've signed up for an Open University Photography course, T189 which I'm looking forward to starting in May and of course we have to start planning the next trip .............

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Sally said...

I look forward to goign back and lookign at your trip!

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