Monday, March 19, 2007

Migrant Workers

The amount of money sent home by Latin American migrant workers to their families has reached more than $62bn.This figure now exceeds the combined total of all direct foreign investment and foreign aid to Latin America.According to the Inter-American Investment Bank, the figure could reach $100bn in four years' time.The biggest share of money, $23bn, was sent back to Mexico, mostly from workers living in the United States remitting small sums each month.Foreign remittances now rank along with oil and tourism as Mexico's biggest foreign currency earner.

BBC NEWS | Business | LatAm migrants' money exceeds aid

Interesting. I wonder how many other countries with a high number of migrant workers experience the same thing. Quite a few I expect.

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PMM&L said...

Uk's probably not far behind proportionately with Poland!!

axx said...

Good point!