Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Penisula is pretty. We've driven up its west coast and back down the east side. We've found our favourite New Zealand beach, swum in the Pacific and watched the sun rise over the sea.

We've walked along Mercury Bay where Captain Cook anchored in 1769 to watch Mercury passing in front of the sun and we've seen the same trees that Banks logged and which are now protected. There is a beach called Hot Water Beach where, if the tide is right, you can dig your own private hot water spa and cool off in the Pacific. We've seen Kiwi Reserve areas but no Kiwis, as they are nocturnal. We saw the Alderman Islands from several angles and we had a couple of beach picnics.

But best of all was the house we spotted, right on the beach, that was vacant and ours for just one night ......


PMM&L said...

Very nice! Lucky you. I imagine that would have a lovely verandah!

axx said...

The best and you could just walk down the garden path to the beach :-))