Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ashes Poet-in-Residence

Way back in November I mentioned in passing the appointment of an Ashes poet-in-residence who has Blogged his works all through the series. Now the Times Literary Supplement describes his work as 'more than mildly distressing' and Wednesdays Guardian Unlimited Books looks at the role of a poet-in-residence. They conclude:

It could be that David Fine will have a victorious Ashes tour to celebrate before we can truly celebrate the appointment of the cricket team's poet-in-residence.

We met David Fine in Adelaide, he was a nice unassuming, down to earth, kinda man.

Apparently the Arts Council paid him a trifling £7,580. They got exceedingly good value for their money, not only did he produce his poems but he recorded his notes, sketches and fun on his Blog - a very new media for a poet in residence far from the ivory towers.

Yes, it would have been great to celebrate England winning The Ashes in poetry but charting the journey of the loss is just as valid.

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