Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Udderly Divine

We walked all the way to the end of the 1.8 km Busselton Jetty to get to the Underwater Observatory. The jetty is the longest in the Southern Hemisphere and is said to be the longest wooden piled jetty in the world. There is a train, but it is not running because since the port shut at Bussleton in the 70's maintenance has slipped, wood borers have moved in, fires have swept the structure, and Cyclone Alby wrecked havoc.

The Community have taken it over and restoration is underway. At the heart of the project is the Underwater Observatory which enables visitors to go down 8 metres below sea level and view marine life at the end of the jetty.

It was fascinating. Easier than learning to scuba dive to see the sea bed!

Sting rays would appear to have taken over from sharks as being the bogey men of the sea with children, since Steve Irwins untimely death from a sting through his heart. We have heard them at play - 'watch out their is a sting ray behind you' several times, and in the gift shop at the Observatory little plastic stingrays were hot favourites. We didn't see any real ones though.

We ended up having lunch in a place called The Udderly Divine Cafe at Cowaramup. Yes really, I kid you not! Just to prove it look at the photo! :0)

We managed to resist any beef or dairy products, opting instead for asparagus quiche and caramalised red onion tart with various salads. Udderly delicious.

We drove back through a different part of the Margaret River and couldn't resist calling into the very first Vineyard planted in the region, Vasse Felix. Very nice, we'll enjoy their Classic Red Margaret River wine tonight.

We are off to the beach today before heading up to Perth tomorrow for the cricket. Dunsborough has been lovely. True there is no sushi here yet but it wont be long. We hope to come back here for a few days after cricket and do more of the same - you know, strolls by the sea, beaches, wineries and so on ...

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