Sunday, December 03, 2006

Records Hit for Six!

Adelaide - Day 2 A day of broken records. A great day. It was certainly Englands day.

is a proper cricket pitch unlike Brisbane which is more like a Stadium. Here in Adelaide there are stands that reflect past cricketing glories. There are two Chappell Stands, one for Greg, the other for Ian; a Don Bradman Stand of course; and the Members enclosure is George Giffen Stand.

Adelaide is where Collingwood took a stand. He got his first century against Australia in the second over off Lee. In the afternoon session he lofted four off Shane Warne at 368 to get his first 150. He not only broke Jack Hobbs 1912 record of the highest individual English score at Adelaide of 187 but also at 203 beat the great Gloucestershire player Walter Hamonds record set 70 years ago. Collingwood then went onto obtain the highest 4th wicket partnership in all Test matches for England. His partnership with Pieterson eventually realised 310 in the last over before tea. He was finally out for 206. Fantastic. A star has burst in upon the scene.

Pieterson played some fine shots. In the photo above you may just be able to make him and Collingwood out, they are hugging each other after Collingwood reached his first one hundred. He was a really supportive team mate for Collingwood. He has a problem with 158. Today was the 3rd time he was out for that. A usefull innings nonetheless. He has such charisma it must be daunting bowling against him.

Shane Warne found it difficult. He nearly got into the record books too. His worst bowling figures are 0 - 147. Today he came close at 1 - 145. McGrath didn't bowl much, he was having severe problems with his heel and kept having to go off for medical attention. He shouldn't have been picked. There was loud applause when none for 100 off McGrath was reached.

At six for 551 Flintoff declared. A brave decision. He wants to win and needs enough time to bowl the Aussies out. The first Australian wicket fell in the 2nd over when Langer was caught by Kevin Pieterson. The next couple of days are going to be tense. They'll do it. They are hungry. They look by far the stronger side today.

While all this great cricketing was going on the Barmy Army really got going and as it was a Saturday fancy dress was de rigour. There were some fab outfits. I loved the chefs with their portly cuddlyness. They even rolled all the way down The Hill! There were lots of Supermen, Batmen, Robins and a bugle hat reflects the general sympathy the Barmy Armys Bugle player is receiving as like Brisbane Adelaide is not allowing him to bring in his instrument into the ground. There was a sprinkling of rather smart twin set and pearl cross dressers - I wondered if they were the City Gents from Brisbane relaxing, showing their femine side!

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