Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Melbourne Cup Day

Phew! What a day! A walk to Hell's Gates in Noosa National Park followed by Melbourne Cup fever at the very fine Noosa Surf Club.

Melbourne Cup Day is always the first Tuesday in November and it is big all over Australia, really big, everywhere stops! We got Noosa Surf Club early enough to secure a table in the shade, on the balcony overlooking the ocean at the Town Beach. What a brilliant setting, surf and turf!

Guess what I WON!!

Not my bet on the Cup race however. I had my $5 on Yates, who didn't have the finishing power required to beat the Japanese horse Delta Blues.

Instead I won the prestigious Surf Club raffle. My prize? A whopping big scrummy shellfish platter and a magnum of 2001 Brokenwood cricket pitch - I kid you not, that is what this particular white wine is called, so appropriate!

We are going to work our way through a dozen oysters, goodness knows how many enormous prawns, lobsters, a huge red shelled crab tonight.

The magnum of wine can wait for the weekend - we'll lead our nephew astray!


PMM&L said...

You jammy wotsit, that looks fab! Leading astray? The blind leading the blind?!!!! Tee hee.

axx said...

After this weekend no more vino! Absolutely not!

The shellfish platter was truly superb. I can't believe we actually managed to work our way through it all, but it was so delicious once we started we just carried on.

Such a treat!