Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gadget Man

Usually I have to sit in the Backpackers Hostel having paid my $3 for half an hour wireless connection to the Internet. It's bedlam and very hard to think about what you are doing.

Today it's all different. I'm sat by pool at our house, white wine spritzer to hand using Gadget Man's gear. Nick has arrived at Noosa bearing goodies, new gadgets. So now I am connected to the Internet through a Next Generation pc data card, which allows you to use the Internet at broadband speed wirelessly through the mobile phone network. It's new, it was out on 8th November.

It's absolutely bloody amazing! Now you can connect anywhere you can get a mobile signal as the data card contains a 3G sim card. It looks like this under:
and it slots in like this (sorry its a bit blurry, must be the wine!


PMM&L said...

Funny - thats how I feel with our new wireless broadband at home, its terrific. I do have the glass of wine - but not the sunshine, and not the views - photos are fab. Nick's lookin foxy!! x

axx said...

Foxy eh! That has sent him off for his morning jog with a spring in his step.

So glad you have broadband now, makes life so much easier! Skype next perhaps?

PMM&L said...

Good heavens - one thing at a time! Don't want to overload with technological advances! Had a great time in the big city last nite, christmas fair next weekend - roll on flippin xmas for a rest!

axx said...

We are all ready for Christmas here - done the shopping we need for over here and left it with Bil and Sil as we will be with them.

Still got a few cards to send to the UK from here.

We are winding down nicely and will be in full holiday mode by Christmas Day!

PMM&L said...

Hangover shopping this morning in JL. Very successful - make decisions more quickly! Glad you guys are having such a great time - looks brilliant. I'm off to Aberdeen this week - oh the excitement! Going to Holland next week tho - managing to stay one night with Dons.

axx said...

Aberdeen 0h the frozen north!! :-) Hve a good time in Holland, give Donna and co my love. Take care. xx