Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Gabba

We joined the throngs that have swarmed to Brisbane for the Opening Day of the Ashes. The Gabba is enormous by UK standards. It had a record crowd of 39,288 today. It was a good humoured affair with some tight policing, loads of bouncing balls, the odd kangaroo and even a centipede or two amongst the crowd. In the afternoon there was a three tiered Mexican waves. Loads of flags, ours, which was sent to us out here by our neighbours back home, Les and Leigh, went down well. We liked the England flag that said Dave and Zoe on honeymoon!! Fancy dress was good. The bowler hatted gents escaping the City looked snappy - they must have been hot with jackets on! Our seats were great, high, top layer but mostly in the shade, we just started to cook around 3.00.

Ponting won the toss and decided to bat. Round 1 to him! Langer under pressure looked set at 82 to get 100 but Freddie produced the magic and got him out 18 short of his 100. Ponting had a point to prove after loosing his cool last time the two teams met. He went on to make a century and is still there at close of play.

Englands bowling looked a bit thin with Harmison and Anderson out of sorts and minus Monty. Why isn't Monty playing? He could have been the second spinner the amount of runs both Anderson and Harmison were leaking.

Only Freddie shone like the star he is. Everyone in the crowd near us acknowledged his skill and sportsmanship.

Unfortunately Australia now appear to be in a position where they can't lose the match, but being the eternal optimists and stauch supporters we are there is always tomorrow. After all we did loose the first test at Lords last season and went on to win the series. It's early days .....

Time for us to jump in a cold shower and get a pot or 6 of wine and XXXX to you all. :-)


G3T Films said...

Hey! Looks like you're enjoying the spectacle.

I thought the best piece of bowling all day was to remove Martyn. Langer just seemed in too much of a hurry after lunch, not surprised he gave his wicket up playing like that, especially to Freddie who had a good day. Monty's not playing because the Gabba doesn't traditionally start turning until day 4, particularly as it's a grassy pitch. (Bless the Gabba groundsman) but you're right, he couldn't have done any worse against what must be said is a masterful Australian batting display.

It's great that you're out here to enjoy it. Remember, lot's a water and sunscreen.

axx said...

Bet they bring on Monty at Adelaide. They have to!

I think the pitch was turning much earlier this time. Pieterson had some I think.

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of water I'm able to drink without weeeeeeeing!!! Presumably its all sweated out somehow.

I'm told Adelaide is cooler, but not sure if that is the case atm with all these wonky temperatures being recorded out here. We could do with the ice berg that is just half a day off New Zealand being towed here!