Sunday, November 19, 2006

Eumundi Market

My friend Julie and her Australian man Tim have been here this weekend. We had a very gossipy time, lovely to catch up with her news. Julie came to Australia about 10 years ago when her marriage broke down, her horrible ex ran off with her so called friend. She came out here to recover and for a holiday and didn't go home! Needless to say she hasn't regretted staying and has even taken on citizenship. Her daughter is out here now too, married to an Aussie bloke and is expecting her first baby any day.

We took time out from chatting to wander round Eumundi Market again. This time there was no rain to interrupt proceedings and we enjoyed all the weird and wonderful offerings. I had a tattoo done, a frangipani flower on my ankle - I would show you but my legs need a bit of a wax! Just take it from me it is very pretty!

We have had an amazing variety of food since we have been in Australia and here in Noosa is no exception. Apart from the fabulous seafood we've partaken of sushi from a sushi train and at Eumundi we had perhaps the most far flung food! Two guys from Tibet, I think, dish out thousands and thousands of their popular Momos, which are steamed or deep fried packets of shredded vegetables, a gorgeous alternative fast food.

There were lots of pretty ladies around too, the balloon clown and the storytelling fairy give you a flavour of the slight unreality of the place, a sort of mix of magic and timewarp back to the 60's with the odd Didgeridoo man thrown in.

The Didgeridoo makes such a primeval oomph sort of noise, the chap playing them on his stall makes them and he maintains that he is saying Wackadoo into his Didgeridoo very fast to get his particular sound. There was other music throughout the market, none would be out of place at Womad, all added to the relaxed funky feel of the place. Even the camels were cool!

Oh and by the way my tattoo, like the Eumundi Market magic disappears after two weeks!


PMM&L said...

Ah the dreams of an original hippy chick!! Sounds cool there. Bet the old man was polishing up his moves if there were womad compatible tunes on offer!

axx said...

He swung his hips and clicked his fingers very nicely thank you :-))