Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Botham's Blast ...

Ex-England skipper Botham, 50, said: "The Aussies are a year and a half older than when the teams clashed last time and they were creaking then — especially in the bowling department.

News of the World - Online Edition

Hooray for Beefy! With one magnificent blast he has won the war of words which has been running in the press here since before our boys landed in Sydney.

It has been really strange experiencing the run up to the Opening Day from the other side, so to speak. The old chap thinks it is amusing but if you took it seriously it could undermine confidence in our sides ability to do well. However much of it is so outrageous it cannot be taken seriously. The English team have managed to remain detached from it, they have been quietly concentrating on the job in hand.

Botham's Dad's Army swipe at Australia has really hit the mark here. Australians know that their team is way too old, the oldest in international cricket - ever, with seven of their players over 35 years old.

Our boys have youth and stamina on their side. They are going to outplay, outwit and outshine the aging, creaking Aussies.


PMM&L said...

Hey Birthday Boy! Many happy returns. Check ur email!
Have a great day. xxxx

G3T Films said...

You cant even win against NSW! We're shaking. No, really, we are, OK, we're not.

I don't think Beefy's words will mean much come Nov 23rd, we're playing for the greatest prize in world cricket it tends to give the oldest legs a bit of a spring.

We have a huge depth of cricket talent in Australia, much deeper than any other countries. Players are picked on form. And although I agree that we don't have the bowling line up of Aussie teams past we still have the best possible bowling line up, whatever their age, to take care of the boys from old blighty. Particularly on Aussie wickets.

And whoever's birthday it was, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

axx said...

Your talent cant be that deep if you are still having to use such old men :-) !!

Glad you agree the bowling line up is rusting away! Just where are you going to find the next Shane Warne or Glen McGrath?

NSW was just to stretch the lads legs after a long flight. Had it gone to a 4th day we would have won!

Roll on 23rd :-)))

G3T Films said...

Ha! Old men! Englands line up looks so inexperienced it's like England just discovered bowling is a part of cricket ;)

Where will any country get another Shane Warne? It is a shame that Warnie and Glen are old, now they're just brilliant instead of mind bogglingly brilliant. I agree, I'm really looking forward to this series, roll on the 23rd!

Oh, the NSW game... and if you'd used a larger oval ball it would have been Rugby. 3 days was the game, a draw against a state team. Hahahaha!