Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rough Itinerary

We don't leave UK for a few weeks yet. We are flying via Singapore where we do a stopover. We finally get to Sydney towards the end of October.

Nephew Nick is having a Double 21st Party shortly after we get there. He's going to be, yes you've guessed it, 42 and any excuse to party! It's great, we'll be able to see all the family straight off. My old chaps brother emigrated out there 30 odd years ago, as a £10 Pom. He and his young bride now have four children and five grandchildren. We are going to be meeting our Great Nieces and Nephews for the first time.

From Sydney we go up to Queensland and mooch around, taking in the sights. We get into Brisbane in time for the opening Test on November 23rd.

We have been lucky enough to get tickets to see cricket at all the Test venues although not each and every day (she says breathing a sigh of relief!) There will be time for sight seeing!

Adelaide follows Brisbane, and then we have a few weeks in Western Australia before joining the family again for Christmas in New South Wales.

Boxing Day and we are off to Melbourne and then back to Sydney for New Years Eve fireworks and the final Test in the New Year.

Well that's The Plan. We are travelling independently and we have spent a fair amount of time putting it all together. So fingers crossed it all works out.

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